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Love and Grace


Chic and luxury are two words that can describe a new collection of wedding dresses by Jan Lero called “LOVE AND GRACE” in the best way. This collection is very special, because it is full of tenderness and grace, which are needed for each bride. Everyone will pay his attention on beautiful wedding dresses of this collection. It is impossible not to choose any dress from this line for making a beautiful wedding image on wedding celebration. Classical wedding dresses, interesting modern design solutions are proposed for each client in this collection. Each bride has to choose the best variant for herself for creating a perfect style.

Collection of wedding dresses "LOVE AND GRACE" shows us a full beauty of fluffy wedding dresses. However, each client will be able to find not only traditional models of fluffy bridal dresses. The modern kinds of wedding dresses, which were created by experienced designers of Jan Lero play a main role in this fashion line.  Our designers have created a unique image of modern brides, which are based on the most popular bridal dresses cuts. Brand wedding dresses, which were presented in the collection, will be suitable for girls with different fashion tastes and with different kinds of figures that is important too. Majority of wedding dresses will emphasize bridal waist, which will help each woman to look more feminine and refined. Many dresses have fluffy skirt, which will make your view more expressive and in the same time a style will look rather traditional as well.

Each client, who has a desire to get our bridal dresses, has a great opportunity to make wholesale order of brand wedding dresses with the most attractive prices. After using of materials of the highest quality, our specialists try to make our completed production available for each client. Wedding dresses by Jan Lero have already become one of the most famous fashion brands of our country. Our production became famous, because of a great mixture of good prices and high quality. All our goods fully correspond with all modern and actual European quality standards and prices for our wedding dresses will not scare our potential clients, but they will satisfy them and attract. 

Professional designers of Jam Lero Company tried to consider all necessary elements of style in our new collection of wedding dresses called "LOVE AND GRACE". Models of this collection are various and full of pure luxury. Majority of our wedding dresses don’t need using of different kinds of wedding accessories and decorations, because each bridal dress is a real decoration, which is ready to turn each bride to a beautiful princess on her wedding celebration time, when she will be the most important person on her wedding event. As all other collections of wedding dresses, this one was created for making each bride happy. We try to give an opportunity to each girl to make her wedding dreams come true in the period of charming wedding event.