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Wedding dress is not only the most important element of the most expected and general event of each woman life. Each wedding dress is a real kind of a masterpiece! Wedding dresses creators, who work in Jan Lero team, have a special attitude to the models, which they create. They work laboriously for making each bridal dress. Therefore, each specialist of our team is trying to give something special to each item of wedding dress, which he creates. They add some details to dresses, which make them exclusive and special at the same time.

During many years, our company takes care about each future bride. We want to give an opportunity to each bride for buying an especial wedding dress even if she has great demands for it and limited costs for buying. Collection of brand wedding dresses “DELUXE” is an expressive confirmation of it. All models, which are presented here are very luxury and refined in the same time. They are very chic and they were made with a modern style. The main thing of new wedding collection, which was presented, is a line of not expensive wedding dresses, which can be bought by each woman. This collection involves different bridal dresses models, which are similar to traditional wedding dresses. We offer in this collection snow-white long and fluffy skirts, opened décolleté and using of different kinds of decorative materials, which make each bridal dress really special and perfect. In this collection each client will be able to find modern kinds of different bridal dresses models, which took from traditional ones colors and festive luxury in the style. Big bows accent attention on the thin line of bridal waist and small stresses shine on the light with a great beauty. Each wedding dress, which is presented in our collection, is really good and special. Each bride has to choose the best kind of suitable wedding dress and to make her order.

The most general purpose, which has to be reached by our company, is a creation of profitable correlation of price and quality. In spite of good prices for wedding dresses from collections by Jan Lero, they are sewn from high-quality textile materials only. Modern equipment, which is used on our production, allows to our specialists to make each seam really high-quality. Using of our equipment, our experienced tailors avoid all mistakes in wedding dresses sewing process. When you will make order of production by Jan Lero Company, you will receive not only not expensive wedding dresses in bulk, but you will receive a strong confidence in buying of our product with the highest quality, which correspond with modern European quality standards.

Wedding dresses collection called “DELUXE” is a set of different models, which will be actual every time for many brides. Bridal dresses of this collection are very modern and interesting. Dresses’ cuts are various and special at the same time. Wedding dresses of “DELUXE” collection is a real embodiment of each woman’s dream.