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Jan Lero Company invites wedding salons owners and owners of specialized clothes stores for making of strong cooperation!

We are interested in profitable partnership and we are ready for making of different complicated orders from our clients. Our experienced specialists offer making of different orders in the best way for your business. We provide delivering of completed production according to required time terms with all number of ordered elements. Our company has an ideal reputation on the wedding goods markets and we have cooperation with a big number of great wedding salons of our country. Modern equipment and using of high-quality materials only allow to our company producing high-quality production, which corresponds with all modern European quality standards. We are proud to offer this production for our clients. Craftsmanship of our experienced specialists, which is used in each element of our production can be compared with a real masterpiece, which we offer for our clients. Therefore, thanks for such creative and professional way of our production creating each dress by Jan Lero is special and perfect at the same time.

While working on wedding markets, during long time, Jan Lero Company recommended herself as good and responsible manufacturer of wedding production, which is every time ready for good cooperation with our partners, regardless of a place in our country, where a wedding salon of our partners is situated. We have well-organized scheme of ready production transportation, which gives us an opportunity to make our cooperation wider. Nowadays we can cooperate with foreign companies too.

A big team of creative designers works for creating of new collections of dresses by Jan Lero Company. They work almost round the clock for creating the most stylish and actual collections of different wedding dresses, which will satisfy future brides. We try to take general European tendencies and trends of current season. However, our qualified specialist try to add to each model something new and special, which will help to create perfect wedding dresses, which will not be a simple copy of famous European brands. Traditional wedding dresses and other bold experiments of modern wedding dresses models are mixed in our new collection, which we offer to our clients. Our production allows to our clients to compare and value different dresses. After that each woman will be able to choose the most suitable variants for herself.

After completing a form, which is situated below, each potential partner will receive an opportunity to leave his contact information. After that our sales managers will contact with you as soon as it possible. All your questions will be discussed and all our managers are ready to give you the most detailed information in consultations. In this way you will be able to get all necessary information from our company. Jan Lero Company is always ready to accept and consider all your proposals, which are connected with our cooperation.

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